Managed Services


Application Development

The Application Development Service offering implements custom and commercial-off-the-shelf applications for a wide spectrum of technologies in the traditional and emerging technologies. We deliver within budget, ensuring consistent and quality support using a combination of offshore and onsite staff.

What we bring

  • Mature CMMI Processes applied with Agile Values providing Corporate Governance
  • Experienced Program and Project Management
  • Comprehensive collection of re-usable components
  • Organization wide common set of tools
  • Mature estimation processes
  • Early risk identification and mitigation
  • Working software with each iteration
  • Continuous visibility into project progress vis-a-vis budget and schedule

How We Deliver

  • Implement CMMI and Agile goals, values and practices synergistically
  • Daily stand up meetings
  • Daily commits to main repository
  • Continuous tracking of project progress
  • Rigorous testing
  • Automated build and deployment
  • Continuous risk identification & mitigation

Our Differentiator

  • Appraised at CMMI Level 5
  • Close to two decades of application development experience
  • A technology agnostic organization equally at home with proprietary and Open Source technologies
  • A motivated and highly skilled workforce available 24 x 7
  • Brings the predictability of the CMMI process model along with the flexibility of Agile development methodology


Application Maintenance

Our Application Maintenance focuses on providing a low risk alternative to organizations who want to outsource specific applications. We bring mature processes and tools that allows us to define an SLA for Corrective and Preventive Maintenance while providing ongoing visibility to time spent on Adaptive and Preventive maintenance.

What we cover

  • Corrective maintenance – Bug fixes
  • Adaptive Maintenance – Planning and fixing issues related to upgrade / release of application or as a result of related applications or systems
  • Perfective Maintenance – Building new functionalities or capabilities in the system to fit the business user requirements
  • Preventive Maintenance – Ensuring that the system continues to be maintainable

Our value proposition

  • Hosted system for clients to report bugs and issues
  • Mature processes, policies, procedures and tools to plan maintenance tasks, review risks and roll back for upgrades or new releases
  • Centralized source code repository, and automated testing, configuration and build management tools to manage releases
  • Updated documentation to ensure smooth maintenance of the application

Our Advantage

  • Competitive price
  • Simple engagement model with no retainer fees
  • Well-articulated SLAs
  • Dedicated Program Management Office to constantly monitor clients' changing needs
  • Skilled resource pool with cross-platform expertise
  • Allows frequent technology refresh and increased knowledge transfer


Infrastructure Management

Our Remote Infrastructure Management Services include Server Monitoring and Management, Network Monitoring and Management, Security Services and Helpdesk Services. Requiring little capital expenditure, it translates into significantly lower cost of ownership for our customers, while maximizing performance and improving end-user response time through proactive management.

What we bring

  • Server and network installation, optimization and monitoring
  • Commitment to high availability of resources
  • 24x7 real time monitoring including server downtime with clearly defined escalation process
  • Ability to preempt issues through a proactive approach
  • Timely implementation of patches and upgrades
  • A comprehensive backup and recovery strategy
  • Metrics based SLA compliance
  • Security monitoring and real time information on operational status

How We Deliver

  • Review and configure system and network resources
  • Install agents to capture events and alerts
  • Report CPU, memory and disk usage, growth, locks and a number of other information
  • Automate alerts through email and/or mobile
  • Automate escalation in case there is no response within pre-defined period
  • Implement backup and retention policies and test backup periodically
  • Review SLAs with captured statistics and provide variance reports
  • Multi layered security and optional audits to review security

Value Proposition

  • Ensure accelerated infrastructure deployment
  • Improve IT infrastructure uptime and productivity
  • Enhance the ability to adopt new technologies
  • Reduce IT cost by better utilization of infrastructure assets
  • Simplify operational management
  • Provide high availability of network and data services
  • Offer greater flexibility to operation and management of processes
  • Help in focusing on core competencies

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