Key Differentiators


Assyst International's enterprise-wide approach to quality, its deep commitment to continuous process improvement, and its adherence to proven processes in project management and system development, ensure consistency, predictability and enhanced customer satisfaction. It has a mature senior management team, and a highly experienced workforce with multiple skill sets and expertise across the technology bandwidth to provide innovative solutions. It has flexible engagement models to suit individual customer requirements and is able to deliver productivity and quality at substantially lower cost.
Assyst International takes the welfare of its personnel very seriously, and provides a work environment that promotes the physical, psychological and social well being of each of its associates, while at the same time offering them ample opportunities for career advancement. This results in greater job satisfaction, increased productivity and a low attrition rate. Our strengths translate into tangible benefits for clients.
Strengths Benefits
Strong management, ethical practices, healthy cash flow, proven track record Stability and a commitment to deliver
Assessed at SEI CMMI Level 5 Ability to deliver long term and measurable return on investments to its clients
ISO 27001 Certified

A comprehensive approach to information security with robust systems in place to protect customer data

Constant internal training on technology, process and communication Continuous investments that better serve its clients
Ability to recruit and retain highly skilled and qualified international staff Scalability and continuity of resources
Dedicated R&D team focused on staying abreast of emerging technologies Client can leverage the usage of these technologies in their projects


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